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Turkish123June 16, 2022

Watch Episode 98 Final of season of Kurulus Osman – English Subtitles; We will update within 2 hours after air on Turkish TV please stay with us thank you… Turkish Episodes where you can watch and review in English subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 98 Final Episode Summary

He celebrated the conquest of Yenişehir with the signs he sent to Sultan Alaeddin Osman Bey.

In the 98th episode of ‘The Establishment Osman’, which is followed with enthusiasm, Sultan Alaeddin sends state signs to celebrate the conquest of Yenişehir. Osman Bey, while targeting the new conquests to the Kayılar, declares Yenişehir the capital city.

In the 98th chapter of ‘The Establishment Osman’, Osman Bey’s conquest of Yenişehir means that he is the dominant power in Bithynia. The successive conquests of Osman Bey echoed in Konya and Sultan Alaeddin. Dursun Fakih comes to Kayı Obası to convey the relics of Sheikh Edebali and Sultan Alaeddin to Osman Bey. 

Osman Bey, taking the alps and beys who participated in the conquest of Yenişehir with him, said to the people, “Yenişehir is the property of Kayı, just like İnegöl, Bilecik and sentence fortress! But our subjects are now bigger than Kayı! We will know this size and make our moves accordingly! There will be no injustice or oppression in any land!” he calls out. 

Among the crowd are Çobanoğlu Ali Bey, his son Mustafa and his alps. Dursun Fakih, Osman Bey’

Osman Bey is happy when Sultan Alaeddin celebrates his conquests and sends signs. Osman Bey continued his speech to the people, “The Sultan will pave the way, we run as long as we can. The world is too tight for us…

We won’t stop until we get tight! Islam is the religion of justice! We will spread justice to the world. Wherever there is persecution, we will collapse on top of it with the haze of justice. Bursa, Iznik is our target. Our capital city.

Yenişehir will be the headquarters for the raids we will make. Gentlemen, guardsmen! Our might is primarily from the cause we pursue. But we derive our real strength from the virtuous women of Kayı standing behind us, from our alps, from our iron warriors who fill their hearts with the wind behind us.

Here are you behind the Turks. Who can stand before us as long as there is no blue sky above? Who can disrupt your province and ceremony? 

It is forbidden for us to stop before we spread this tradition to the whole world!” and shows new conquest targets to the Kayıs and their tribes.

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