Yali Capkini TV Show

Yali Capkini TV Show

Sep. 23, 2022
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Seyran – Afra Saraçoğlu: Kazım and Esme’s younger daughter. Like her older sister, she is one of the young girls of Antep who are pointed at. She is at least as beautiful and educated as her older sister. She dreams of being able to read and stand on her own feet. She is a compassionate, loving girl who can become irritable when appropriate. With her stubbornness and perseverance, she never stops fighting to take control of her own life.


Ferit – Mert Ramazan Demir: Halis Ağa’s grandson, Orhan and Gülgün’s younger son. Ferit is diabetic. Due to both his illness and being the youngest son of the house, he was pampered from childhood and most of his wishes were accepted. Since he studied abroad at the university, he could not internalize the rules of the family very much. It is in conflict with the rules. He is handsome, frivolous, crazy, funny and flirtatious, but he has never been in love yet.


Halis Ağa – Çetin Tekindor: The head of the Korhan family. Ferit’s grandfather. While he was one of the best faithful masters of the country, he retreated due to the diseases brought by old age and handed over the business to his son Orhan. However, Halis Ağa still makes all the important decisions. He is an authoritarian, prescriptive, tough-tempered man. While he challenges his own body by trying to embroider jewels in his room, he also reveals his inner conflicts with the diaries he keeps.


Hattuç – Şerif Sezer: She is Kazım’s aunt. Esme, Suna and Seyran also call her aunt. She is an authoritative, tough-tempered woman. While she was one of Antep’s daughters who were pointed out at the time, her father did not marry her to anyone. His father was subjected to both psychological and physical violence until his death and internalized this violence. That’s why she supports Kazım’s harsh attitude towards his daughters.


Companionship – Gülçin Şantırcıoğlu: The widowed elder bride of the Korhan family. She came to the mansion as a bride at a very young age, upon the approval of Halis Ağa. She lost both her husband and the baby in her womb as a result of a traffic accident at the beginning of her twenties. On top of that, her mother-in-law’s heart could not stand these events and the family suffered painful losses one after another. Halis Ağa healed the wounds of İfakat, which he regarded as his son’s trust, and positioned her as the lady of the mansion. Accomplice considers the interests of the family more important than anything and everyone. There is no limit to what they can do so that the Korhan surname is not tarnished.


Orhan – Emre Altug: Halis Ağa’s son. Father of Ferit and Fuat. Orhan is a successful businessman, but Halis Ağa’s hand skills did not pass him. Therefore, no matter how successful he was at his job, he could not please his father. Although he gives more freedom to his sons than is given to him, his only request from them is not to lower their heads against Halis Ağa. He married Gülgün at the request of his father, without ever knowing them. The feeling he felt for his wife was not love but love and acceptance. He is a compassionate, understanding and spiritually lonely man.


Gülgün – Gözde Kansu: Orhan’s wife, Ferit and Fuat’s mother. She was born into a middle-class family. While studying architecture at the university, she left the school by accepting to marry Orhan without knowing it, as Halis Ağa considered it suitable for her son Orhan. She has improved a lot over time and has taken on the role of the family’s showcase bride. Gülgün is a woman who avoids confronting the events and can continue with her life by choosing to ignore whatever happens.


Abidin – Ersin Arıcı: Ferit’s bodyguard and driver. But there is more of a brother-sister relationship between them. His father died when he was a child, and his mother remarried. As a result of his stepfather’s disapproval, he left school at a young age and came to Istanbul and worked in many jobs, most of which were uncanny. After years and growing up, one night, by chance, he saves Orhan’s life and he works at the mansion to this day. He is distrustful of women because of his relationship with his mother.


Suna – Beril Pozam: Kazım and Esme’s eldest daughter. She is one of the young girls of Antep. It is both more educated and beautiful compared to the environment. His dream is to build a happy home and escape from the mansion he lives in. She loves her sister and mother very much. He’s willing to do anything for both of them.


Fuat – Doğukan Polat: He is the eldest son of Yalın and brother of Ferit. He is a responsible, hardworking person. Unlike Ferit, he did not go out of his way even once, and tried with all his might to meet the expectations from him. He always left his own wishes and desires in the background. Although they met with his wife Asuman in an arranged manner, they fell in love with each other and got married. He very much wants to be a father. But she hasn’t had a child yet.


Sultan – İrem Altuğ: He is one of the servants of the mansion. Wife of Ibrahim, mother of Tigris and Euphrates. She is a charming and sensual woman. She is a secondary school graduate. She is a good, loving mother. There is no limit to what they can do if they feel their children or family are at risk. She is very adept at manipulating people.


Asuman – Öznur Serçeler: She is Fuat’s wife. She is the daughter of a respected family. She is a kind-hearted, emotional woman. She is a foreign trade graduate but has never worked. What started as an arranged relationship with Fuat turned into a love marriage. The only problem in their marriage is that Asuman has not yet had children. Although this is not a very important problem for Asuman, he has become increasingly lonely due to the attitudes of those around him.


Şefika – Hülya Duyar: She is the cook of the mansion. Her husband died at a young age and never remarried. He has no children. His life is a mansion. That’s why he knows many secrets of the people in the mansion, but he keeps them. She is a kind, cheerful woman who is loved by everyone.


Kazım – Diren Polatoğulları: He is the father of Seyran and Suna and the husband of Esme. It is one of the popular names of Antep. However, he applies psychological violence to both his wife and daughters at home. Kazım fell in love with his wife Esme at first sight. However, after he got married, he found his wife ignorant, lame and uncouth and could not fit her with him. He even got angry with himself because he loved his wife, and he abused her just for this reason. For this reason, she spent a lot of money on the education of her daughters. He sees his daughters as the guarantee of his future.


Esme – Sezin Bozacı: Housewife. Suna and Seyran’s mother, Kazım’s wife. She grew up in a poor family, she. He is uneducated. His opinion was not even asked while getting married. After her marriage, her husband Kazım could not fit her because he was ignorant and positioned her as a servant at home. Esme, on the other hand, is a woman who does not find these strange and sees them as the natural flow of life. Esme’s only motivation is for her daughters to make good marriages and be happy.


Latif – Yiğit Tuncay: He serves Halis Ağa and is responsible for the other employees in the mansion. Although he dresses in the same style in the mansion, he is an elegant and meticulous man who is fond of dressing. When she goes out, the other servants envy her elegance. He is a sweet man. He establishes his authority not by shouting, but by his looks. He is deeply attached to Halis Ağa, but he has also kept very important secrets from Halis Ağa so that he does not get sick or unhappy.


Pelin – Buçe Buse Kahraman: She is Ferit’s lover. She is studying at the fine arts and ceramics department and lives apart from her family. He knows that Ferit is with other girls from time to time, but he doesn’t care. Because she thinks Ferit will leave her if she causes trouble. She is in conflict between her love for Ferit and her pride.


İbrahim – Cansu Baker: The driver of Halis Ağa. Sultan’s wife is the father of Tigris and Euphrates. He is devoted to his wife. He is a well-intentioned, loving, pleasant conversational man. He’s afraid of breaking a heart. After Halis Ağa’s retreat to the mansion, he starts to take care of small errands. He dreams of being rich and does not hesitate to take risks to achieve it.


Dicle – Selen Özbayrak: She is one of the servants of the mansion. She is the daughter of Ibrahim and Sultan. She is studying at open high school she. She is not a very successful student, and she does not like the life she lives. He has a jealous side.


Yusuf – Umut Gezer: He and Seyran are classmates from high school. The attraction that started as a child between them increased over time and they became lovers. Yusuf lost his father when he was young and had to work to support his mother since childhood. Yusuf’s realities clash with Seyran’s dreams.

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Yali Capkini TV Show
Yali Capkini TV Show
Yali Capkini TV Show
Yali Capkini TV Show
Yali Capkini TV Show
Yali Capkini TV Show
Yali Capkini TV Show
Yali Capkini TV Show
Yali Capkini TV Show
Original title Yalı Çapkını
First air date Sep. 23, 2022
Last air date Sep. 23, 2022
Seasons 1
Episodes 1
Average Duration 120 minutes

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