Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu TV Show English Subtitles

Turkish123 March 1, 2022

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu TV Show with English Subtitles An epic journey kneaded with love, secret and struggle…
Seljuk ruler Sultan Alparslan, who opened the doors of Anatolia to the Turks . On the same day , he received the news that he had lost his beloved Kipchak woman, Başulu, while giving birth. Due to the Kipchak-Seljuk enmity, the newborn baby poses a danger to the continuity of the state. Even though this situation is very difficult for Melikşah, he hands him over to Nizamülmülk, never to see and ask him again.

Sultan Melikşah takes the power of the Seljuk State, which he received from Sultan Alparslan , to the peaks. But as the Seljuks grow, their enemies increase both inside and outside the state.

Sencer, who was raised with the motto that his destiny was written together with the state from his birth and that his only goal would be to serve the state until his death, turns into an idealistic hero with the education he received for years, and these heroisms make him the sacrifice of Sultan Melikşah. Sencer, one of Nizamülmülk’s most trusted men, is ready to undertake all the difficult tasks for his state.

While Melikşah and Sencer are struggling with all kinds of dangers, their biggest supporters will be qualified statesmen like Nizamülmülk, scholars like Ghazali, scientists like Ömer Hayyam and people with wisdom like Yusuf Hamedani. On the other hand, Terken, a noble noble from the Karakhanid

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu TV Show English Subtitles