Teskilat Season 3: Release Date

Turkish123 May 30, 2022

Teskilat Season 3, we will update soon about season 2 with authentic source to let you know when is coming season 3 of Teskilat and what is the release date….

Season 2 Last Episode Summary

After Yıldırım’s capture, the preparations for the big operation begin thanks to the documents obtained regarding the activities of the ‘Company’. While the team members grieving their loss have mixed feelings, they feel the excitement of being reunited with their families if they destroy ‘The Company’. After all that happened, Serdar dared to look at the future with hope after a long time, thanks to Zehra.

Serdar and Zehra become closer than they have ever been before this great mission they will embark on. It would not be easy to reach the Company with the intelligence obtained from Yıldırım. Having to set up a game within the game, the team determines its first target and starts the operation. Team members are unaware that they have to pay a huge price to start a new life.