Mukemmel Eslesme Ep 13 English subtitles

Sahib RehmanOctober 12, 2022

Mukemmel Eslesme Episode 13 with English Subtitles on Turkish123; We will update within 2 hours after air on Turkish TV please stay with us thank you…Go Watch Button Link is given below in to stream episode 13…

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Episode Summary

Pınar wants to do a collective dance show at the wedding. Their friends and families will also participate in this collective dance performance. Although Kerem does not want to, when the families are very enthusiastic about the collective dance show, the families come together and start to practice the dance. 

While the collective dance show, which families also participate in, causes fun moments from each other, a really successful dance performance emerges. On the other hand, Kerem gets sick. When Kerem gets sick, Pınar and Meral compete to take care of Kerem. In particular, Meral thinks that she is taking better care of Kereme than Pınar and while she wants to heal her son alone, Kerem’s head becomes crowded when Firuze and Fadime take over the case. Because of too much attention, Kerem finds the solution by running away.

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