Duy Beni Episode 19 English Subtitles

Turkish123November 11, 2022

Duy Beni Next Episode 19 which produced by Süreç Film is a Turkish television series directed by Ali Balcı and written by Makbule Kosif. It will be broadcasted on Star TV on 10th November 2022. The main cast: Caner Topçu, Rabia Soytürk, and Berk Hakman.

What will happen in Duy Beni Episode 19 Summary?

While Kanat tries to explain to Ekim that nothing has happened between him and Gaye, Gaye says she is in trouble and starts staying at Kanat’s house. Here he tries to get close to her but fails.

The school’s security guard, Mevlüt, creates a perception that he saved October by taking the mug that Ekim put in his locker. October is grateful to him and they go to the animal shelter together. Kanat gets jealous of Ekim and goes after them.

Meanwhile, Melisa realizes that Ozan dropped out of school because of Ateş. He has a dream these days and this dream will make Ozan understand how important he is to him. He goes to Ozan’s house and confesses his love.

As Mevlüt gradually falls in love with October, he communicates with Rıza Aziz, who despairs of Mevlüt. Aziz also meets his father immediately. Hearing this, Leyla goes crazy, but she will realize later that Aziz has another plan. Gaye finally gives up and decides to go, she will give one last lesson to October before she goes.

Duy Beni Episode 19 Release Date

Duy Beni (Hear Me) Episode 9 of Turkish Drama in the series featuring Caner Topçu, Rabia Soytürk, and Berk Hakman, will premieres on Star TV in Turkey on November 10, 2022, at 20:00.

Duy Beni Last Episode Summary

In the middle of the desert, Aziz imprisons his friends who are following Leyla. He, on the other hand, is perplexed by what he has done. Kanat is having difficulty escaping from jail and locating Leyla. Halil takes action in preparation for his lethal mission. To save Leyla, a race against time has begun.

The resolution of events with minimal damage provides everyone with the opportunity for a new beginning. In response to what Leyla went through, the “Sisters” seek out other evils that Rza has instilled. However, deciphering the contents of the evidence they find will be difficult.

Although Leyla and Suna return home happily, Ekim’s birthday is a breath of fresh air for the young people. However, not everyone is pleased with the developments. Rza begins her life on the run, discovers evidence about Ozan Ateş that will tip the scales, and discovers that a surprising name has fallen into a dreadful trap.

While Suna and her children face the prospect of losing all of their assets, an unexpected figure from Kanat’s past detonates a bomb that will also harm his relationship with Ekim.

Duy Beni Episode 19: Trailer

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